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Beta Instructions

Post by Mark Dillon on Tue Dec 22, 2015 9:37 pm

Start here...

1. Login/Register to this forum.
It is recommended that you create a separate game install for career mode for organizational purposes, it is your choice.
Only the first 8 people will be allowed to run in the Beta, registration can be found here:

One thing you must do once you have created your driver in your game is go into your player.ini and do the following so that your race exports include all pertinent info:
NASCAR® Racing 2003 Season now includes much of the information that N2/N3 generated that is used by off-line league administrators to verify that league members are not cheating.  To include this information in NASCAR® Racing 2003 Season’s exported standings files, enable a flag in PLAYER.INI…

off_line_league_info=0        ; Export extra info?

Changing this to 1 will cause the additional information to be included in the exported standings.  The following additional information will be exported…

(a) There will be an additional column, titled “TAG”, for each driver in the race standings.  This tag is computed from the .CAR file used by that driver, and will change if that car is changed.  When a league member submits exported standings, the TAG value for all of the drivers should match the TAG value for the ‘approved’ .CAR files.

(b) The AI Strength setting is now exported.

(c) The number, type and length of the weekend’s sessions are exported.  For example, “2Q1LR50L” means the weekend had 2 sessions; Qualify for 1 Lap, then Race for 50 Laps.

(d) The options for the weekend are exported.  This will be a string of characters with one character for each of the following options:
0/2/3    – Damage model (0=None, 2=Moderate, 3=Realistic)
Y/-    – Yellow flags enabled/disabled
F/-    – Fixed setup enabled/disabled
A/-    – Driving model (A=Arcade, -=Simulation)
I/-    – AI used? (I=yes, -=no)
S/-    – Automatic AI speed control? (S=yes, -=no)
D/-    – Double file restarts enabled? (D=yes, -=no)
H/-    – Hardcore mode selected? (H=yes, -=no)
M/-    – Mechanical player breakdowns? (M=yes, -=no)
L/-    – Full pace lap enabled? (F=yes, -=no)
W/-    – Realistic weather enabled? (W=yes, -=no)
1/2/3/4    – Pit stop frequency (1=1x, 2=2x, 3=3x, 4=4x)

So, for example, “0Y-AI-D-M-W2” means “damage model is set to None, yellow flags are enabled, fixed setup is disabled, the driving model is Arcade, AI are included, Automatic AI speed control is disabled, Double file restarts are enabled, Hardcore mode is not selected, player Mechanical failures are enabled, shortened pace lap is selected, realistic Weather is enabled, 2x pit stop frequency”.  Note that not all of these options are applicable to single-player races.

(e) A signature value that is computed from the track geometry and the TRACK.INI file.  If the league member has altered the track geometry, or has altered the TRACK.INI, this value will be different.

Additionally, a utility program is included that allows a league administrator to verify that the exported standings file has not been edited.

2. Download the CTS version of the outlaw mod for the beta here(you can also get the templates and xfiles here):
Install the mod in to your series folder. Go in to the cars folder in the mod folder and delete all of the cars. You will be extracting a carset and putting them in to the cars folder.

3. Download the Beta Pack from here:!i8dzWLJY!3I9vQ8m0N9_Ws8YXxMq1f3Wchokuuld3v5JKwKYCecA
In the Beta Pack you will find a carset that needs to replace everything in the cars folder in the proper mod folder. You will also find a track pack that you need to put in the tracks folder. A copy of the schedule and race settings are also included in the beta pack. The schedule/settings tells you in which order the races go, how to set them up, and the allowable AI% setting. A copy of the default version of papy_ai is also included in the beta, default papy_ai must be used.

4. You now have everything you need to run the 3 week long Dirt Beta test. Let's talk about some rules and further instructions:

   Race weeks start on Monday and last for 7 days. You have until Midnight Eastern every Sunday to send in your race export for that weeks race. This beta starts on Jan 4th so you have until Midnight on Jan 10th to complete and send in your first two races. When saving your race export it should look like this "YearSeriesRace#" ex. "1993DirtRace1". The beta is 1993 so that is the year you will be using. Once you have your export saved you will be emailing it to (This is the same email you can contact with questions but it is preferred that you use the questions section in the forum). As you saw above you must have the [Misc] off_line_league_info=0        ; Export extra info?] section of your player.ini set to a 1 so that all offline league info is included in your export. Exports will not be accepted without all proper info. Exports will also not be accepted late. If you miss a week then you just miss a week.

  We have no rule on how many times you can run a race. Run it as many times as you would like, just be sure to send up your export in time. The biggest rule is that you follow all the correct race settings and modify nothing. The track itself as well as each individual car is going to throw off a unique code in the export. If your export is wrong you will get a 0/missed race for that week and be expected to fix the problem. If you are found to be cheating a 2nd time you will simply be out of the league.

  Drivers are allowed to run any car number, any manufacturer, and any paint scheme; drive whatever you like...but driver car ratings must be set at 60 min and 80 max across the board for all skills. A protest system and/or random inspections that will involve a driver sending his car file in will result in an inspection of that cars unique tag in race exports. If you are found to be cheating you will be penalized and recurring offenses will result in being kicked from the league.

  Exports that have been sent in properly will be ran through a points program and the relevant information after that will be posted in the drivers forum. Feel free to add a story mode aspect in your thread to enhance the career mode. An example would be "Well, driver x wrecked me tonight at Bristol on the last lap. I'll get back at him next week" You can also include screenshots to build your story. Career mode will be as realistic as you make it. For me personally my story starts off as "a small town Michigan kid that gets a chance to drive a dirt car with just enough money from local company Kellog's to put their logo on the hood."

  The AI% rating shown in the schedule is the allowable range that you may set your AI% at in race setup. If the schedule says 94-97 then you may set it anywhere within that range, please have some honor and realism and make it as tough as you can. You may set it even higher than this if you need to...the final build will reward bonus points for drivers that run a higher AI% setting. The final build will also allow drivers who truly need to set the AI% lower to do so, but at a small points penalty for doing so. For the purposes of this Beta please only use a setting in the allowable range.

  With all of that said feel free to ask questions in the forum and good luck to all. Here is your Beta Pack:!i8dzWLJY!3I9vQ8m0N9_Ws8YXxMq1f3Wchokuuld3v5JKwKYCecA

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